T.I. Along With Six Other People Facing Federal Charges Crypto Currency Scam

September 14, 2020

Rapper T.I. has got into trouble with the feds again, Only this time there’s no guns involved.

According to reports T.I. has agreed to pay U.S. Regulators back $75,000 to settle charges that he broke laws by selling fraudulent crypto currency investments.
T.I. and film producer Ryan Felton along 5 other people are facing federal charges.
T.I. never admitted or denied any wrong doing and I’m sure that was advised by his lawyers.
The Securities And Exchange Commission “SEC” claims back in 2017 T.I. promoted and sold FLiK tokens on social media and misled his followers to believe he was co-owner so more people would invest into the tokens.
I thought T.I. learned his lessons with playing around with the feds back in 2008 when he was going through his legal troubles.

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