Summer of 2020, 72% of Americans Did Not Take a Vacation

September 22, 2020

You will never forget the Stay-Cation Summer of 2020.

72% of Americans did not take a summer vacation this year. If you did leave town, it was by car. 71% opted for a road trip rather than flying. That’s according to  COVID-19 infections ran rampant across the country for much of the summer, some consumers likely deemed travel an unnecessary risk in their bid to avoid the coronavirus and stay healthy. Others may have hesitated to spend money on travel because of furloughs, layoffs and job insecurity sparked by the pandemic. Indeed, some consumers even closed their travel credit cards during the pandemic.

While the largest percentage of employees who didn’t take paid time off this summer — 36% — said they didn’t bother because they had nowhere to travel to, some avoided taking time off because they felt insecure about their jobs. To Read More Stats Click Here

Source: Value Penguin / Lending Tree

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