Summer Meals Program expanding in Rochester

July 6, 2021

Starting July 6th, the Summer Meals program in Rochester is set to expand.

The program is expanding to libraries and R-Centers after being avaliable in schools since June 26th.

Dina Faticone, Chair of the Summer Meals Partnership in Rochester stated:

“Expanding the capacity of our program and making sure families know about it really alleviates that burden on families. And it draws kids out to have fun in the summer.”

Rochester First gave more information about the program and reported:

“All city residents who are 18 and younger are eligible for the Summer Meals program. There is no paperwork required, and youth or adults can simply show up during the scheduled times and pick up meals to bring home. The Summer Meals schedule also includes several ‘mobile meals’ stops and delivery routes to reach more city neighborhoods – a partnership developed between Foodlink and the Regional Transit Service (RTS) last year.”

Rochester First