Summer isn’t over yet! Tips for choosing an RV for Your vacation

July 31, 2020

The current health pandemic has people re-thinking travel and leisure. But its still vacation season, so why not try a camper or RV road trip? Here are some tips to think about when choosing the right RV to rent or buy:

  • Smaller vehicles are easier to drive & park, many national parks have length restrictions for parking.
  • If you’re considering a purchase, some RV experts says it’s actually best to buy one that is at least two years old, after it’s been taken out on the road and avoid what’s often called the “shakedown” trip.
  • Know exactly how many people and belongings you’ll be traveling around with and check out the  cargo carrying capacity.
  • If you are planning to tow a camper, make sure your vehicle can handle the towing capacity.
  • Make sure to find out about after market modifications and avoid modifications like extended roofs which can increase the rollover risk.
  • Consider what the RV or camper is like when the retractable slides are in while moving. Can you still open the fridge…or get to the bathroom?
  • If you are renting or buying, try to read up on some reviews & personal accounts with that certain brand or model.

Source: 7 Major Mistakes People Make when Choosing an RV