Suicide Squad Success Should Change Future Movie Reviews

August 8, 2016

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Bad Reviews Vs. Entertainment Value.

A good number of critics gave Suicide Squad bad reviews, but the Movie Box Office Numbers saw it make $135 Million in its opening weekend. Sssssooooo, the winner is Suicide Squad, Entertainment Value. 

After Batman Vs. Superman did the same thing earlier this year. (by the way that Movie is at the $872 Million mark since the March 20th release date.) It’s time to change way Movie Reviews are done. Nothing Personal Movie Critic, but sometimes the people (and good marketing) shatter what few call a good or bad movie.

I have to say comic book movie shouldn’t be reviewed by the same people that review Independent Movies, Kids Movies or Relationship Movies. The reason for going to the movies changes with every movie. So they should be judged by the same standard.

Comic Con Type of Fans should review Science Fiction Movies, Kids for Kid Movies, Wednesday Date Night Screens for Relationships Movies( so the reviews can be up for Friday or Saturday Night Date Nights). I go to the movie to see a Good Story, Acting, Action and Entertainment Value. Most times I get 2 out of 4, I’m good. 1 of 4 No. And 0 for 4, straight to DVD.

Yes, Suicide Squad’s Box Office Numbers will drop around 30-40% next weekend. But until then they have the money, and the bragging rights to say they are the 1# Movie in America, which be on every new commercial you will see this week. Take that Critics!


– Raymond Reid

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