Students Call For Admission Changes at Hollins University

November 28, 2021

At Hollins University, a historically women’s college in Roanoke, Va, sociology major Sanders is calling for a change in the admissions policies at Hollins. Previously at Hollins from 2007 and revised in 2013 and 2016, if a student assigned female at birth began transitioning to male while enrolled, they were required to transfer out. Now, based on the new rules set by the board of trustees at Hollins, transgender male students can remain and graduate from Hollins. Sanders, who has recently come out as nonbinary while attending Hollins, is one of many calling for change.

Sanders stated: “My journey has been, ‘Girlhood does not define me. My womanness, my femininity does not define me…I was like, I don’t think I care about being a girl…I really just want to escape the binary in general, to do away with it. don’t want to spend my life trying to prove that I am one gender. I want to wake up, put on some clothes, go out into my day. If you perceive me as one gender, that’s OK, too. But for me, it just is what it is.”

Source: NPR