Student Schools Teacher On Using The Word N***a (Video)

May 8, 2017

The moment when a white person has no idea how offensive the ‘N’ word is.

A substitute teacher and a student have a discussion about the use of the word n***a and it was caught on video. The teacher who is white clearly had no clue that using the ‘N’ word on a black person is not okay.    

The teacher is a coach at Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans. He told the student the word is now “commoditized” asking him did he understand (I really hate when white people ask that like we are uneducated smh) and it is not a negative connotation.

The student makes him aware that when he says the ‘N’ word to him it’s negative.

Another student stepped in to help the coach understand that saying n***a to black folks is seen as racist because it’s not meant in an endearing way.

The school is looking into the incident.

This was a discussion the other day on the WDKX Watercooler when white people feel comfortable using n***a.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts text 678-1039.

Warning: Explicit Language



Source: ShadeRoom


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