Student from All City High School Awarded for Academic Improvement


Congratulations Najai Weaver!!

The Rochester Board of Education will honor All City High School student Najai Weaver for her hard work and diligence in improving her academic performance.  She is very engaged in school and focused on her goals, planning to graduate in three years.  Ms. Weaver has become so involved at All City High School that she assists in interviewing prospective students to determine whether they would be a good fit for the school.


Najai acknowledges that she has not always had a positive attitude toward school, and credits Principal Armando Ramirez for inspiring and encouraging her.  She notes that Mr. Ramirez continually encourages her not to give up too easily and to be persistent in pursuing her goals.


In addition to her involvement at All City High School, Najai works 30 hours per week and somehow finds time to participate in running track.


Najai Weaver and Principal Ramirez will receive the “I Believe” Award in the monthly Board Business Meeting on Thursday, January 25th, at 6:30PM in the third-floor conference room of the Central Office Building, located at 131 West Broad Street.


All monthly Board meetings are open to the public.





Debra Flanagan

Executive Assistant to the Board of Education

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