You’ve met #HurtBae now I give you #StrandedBae…

A romantic Valentine’s Day weekend between @KashMoneyKanee & @__iamqueenk turned into tragedy, filled with heartache, lies, and many, many questions.

Let’s start with the heart wrenching story told by #StrandedBae (NSFW):


(red flag: 1 )

(at this point I knew she had to be from some island in the Caribbean)

(girl you have his name saved as swervo, red flag: 2)

  Her story tugs on your heart strings, making you wonder how could a man ever be so cruel?? Until you read the story from @KashMoneyKanee perspective (NSFW):  

Lawd. Twitter stories are this generations soap operas. We don’t need TV because everybody just has all their business out there while the rest of us sit there like:

michael jackson


I don’t even know what to think, it’s really none of my business but…. they did leave all their business out on the street for everyone to gawk and gossip about.

Here’s what I have concluded after this operatic series of tweets:

They’re both crazy

Why would he fly her to DC after knowing her for 4 weeks? Why does he have mice? Why would he get a tshirt made with her face on it? Why wouldn’t he just be open and talk to her, before the avalanche of madness, instead of ignoring her?

Why wouldn’t she hop on another flight? Why would she take a cab when there’s Lyft in DC? Why does she have all his friends’ numbers? Why does she have his sister’s number? Why didn’t she call her friends and family? Why would she leave the airport? Why did she not play attention to the dozen of red flags he kept throwing in her face?

 God bless the child that’s got it’s own 

You would never catch me stranded anywhere, first of all. I would figure something out. If I missed a flight, I wouldn’t count on anyone to get me back home. I don’t care if I had to catch a bus, train, plane, rent a car, horse & buggy. You would never catch me running back to someone who just left me high and dry.

Hell, she was in DC, the Chocolate City! Girl, you play!! You had a whole free trip! Yeah the end sucked, but you should’ve enjoyed yourself !

She easily could’ve gotten a hotel for the night (Air BnB for $20), explored the city,  and met some higher quality people.

Block the number & keep it moving. You live & you learn.

According to @KashMoneyKanee, she didn’t have any money on you. If this was the case please listen!

When you travel, I don’t care if someone is paying for your whole trip, always have money on you. You never know what could happen.

Don’t have yourself out here looking stupid.

Also, don’t chase after anyone. Especially, after they make it clear they don’t want you around. Take that L & pick ya head up. It’s hard not to react, especially when emotions are involved but that person doesn’t deserve your tears or attention. Plus, God never removes something from your life without plans to replace it with something better.

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