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Still No Word From Albany On Schools Re Opening For The Fall Semester

July 16, 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo still hasn’t decided if schools will be allowed to open this fall.

Officials predict that a decision will be made by early August, but there’s no guarantee that it will happen at all.

In the meantime, school districts are trying to get ahead of the decision by upgrading their infrastructure to meet state and federal guidelines for disease prevention.

There are also strict guidelines still being developed that will determine how schools will operate in person and remotely.

Each school district is expected to submit a plan for reopening by July 31.

While the new safety measures are a great addition to each school, many districts are worried about covering the costs of the improvements.

Jay Worona, deputy executive director and general counsel for the New York State School Boards Association released a statement, saying:

“I don’t know what the cost will be of doing all of these things, but I know it won’t cost less than prior operations. It’s daunting and scary because we don’t know if we can afford to implement all that’s in there.”


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