Stay Safe This Weekend Remember Mask Up And Social Distance If You Go Out

June 18, 2020

This weekend the weather is going to be great which means people including you may be out and about. With Phase 3 we are now able to go to a bar or restaurant that has inside or outside dining which a lot of us have been anticipating and are ready to get out!

When you are out with your family and friends enjoy yourself of course, but make sure you are all staying safe first and foremost.

If the restaurant or the bar does not enforce the proper protection guidelines you should still use caution by protecting yourself with a face covering. This week there was a positive coronavirus exposure at a local bar on Park Ave. because some people were not wearing masks. So be aware you could come in contact with someone who has the virus while you are out.

Remember to protect yourself and your circle. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and social distance.

We want you to be safe and understand that anyone young or old can get this virus.

There are 3,281 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Monroe County to date.

Here is a breakdown by age and gender for reported positive COVID-19 cases.

  • 23 boys and 15 girls under 10
  • 125 between 10 and 19, 48 male and 77 female
  • 483 are in their 20s, 146 men and 337 women
  • 447 are in their 30s, 156 men and 291 women
  • 385 are in their 40s, 138 men and 247 women
  • 481 are in their 50s, 184 men and 277 women
  • 415 are in their 60s, 192 men and 223 women
  • 362 are in their 70s, 162 men and 200 women
  • 294 are in their 80s, 117 men and 177 women
  • 250 are in their 90s, 54 men and 156 women
  • Three men and 11 women, 100 years old or older

As you can see most of the individuals testing positive in Monroe County are under the age of 50. The highest number of confirmed positive coronavirus patients are women in their 20’s.

Mask up, social distance, and wash your hands with soap and water. If you are going out don’t forget to bring hand sanitizer.

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