Stacy Adams Is Working With More Than A Vote Coalition To Produce An Animated Short

October 17, 2020

Stacy Adams has teamed up with athletes and artists from the More Than A Vote coalition to produce an animated short based on the history of voting.

The endeavor is being partly produced by the video-production Spring Hill Company, which is owned by LeBron James.

Adams gave a statement regarding the project, saying:

“Fair Fight Action is happy to partner with the athletes and artists from the More Than a Vote coalition on Civics for the Culture. It is our mission to ensure that all eligible voters know about the obstacles placed in their way with the intent of silencing their voices. But we are also committed to reminding voters that the best way to defeat voter suppression is by making a plan to vote and overwhelming the system with our votes. When we fight, we win, and during this election season, we must fight to make our voices heard to ensure a better future for our nation.”


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