St. John Fisher Will Not Host Bills Training Camp This Year

June 4, 2020

On Tuesday afternoon, the NFL sent a message to all its franchises saying that training camps must be held at the teams home facility this year. This policy is most likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but may be the new normal for years to come.
The Buffalo Bills have held their training camp at St. John fisher for 19 years, with the first session beginning in 2000. Their contract was set to expire in 2021 and as of right now there is no information pointing to the impact this order will have on if they see it through.
This order will affect more than just the Bills, as there are still 9 teams that also hold their training camps offsite. This approach offers an experience similar to a military style boot camp – there are fewer distractions and the players are able to bond as a team while they stay productive during the off season.
The Bills have been reducing their practices at Fisher ever since head coach Sean McDermott gained control. Last season, there were only 8 daytime practices and 0 night practices.

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