Spike Lee named President of Cannes Film Festival Jury

January 16, 2020

While #OScarsSoWhite is trending for ignoring black excellence in movies (again), Spike Lee is making history as the first black person to serve as President of the Cannes Film Festival jury.

See now Cannes did the right thing!

The Cannes Film Festival is the largest in the world and serves as a platform to launch careers of new actors and filmmakers like Spike Lee. And now he will be overseeing the 73rd competition in Spring 2020.

Spike Lee showed his first film “Do the Right Thing” at Cannes in 1986. He credits that moment as the spring board for his success. It sounds like this appointment as Cannes jury president is the beginning of the next chapter of Spike Lee’s career.


“In this life I have lived…my biggest blessings have been when they arrived unexpected, when they happened out of nowhere. When I got the call that I was offered the opportunity to be President of Cannes Jury for 2020, I was shocked, happy, surprised and proud all at the same time,” Lee said in a lengthy statement.

He added: “You could easily say Cannes changed the trajectory of who I became in the world of cinema.”

I can’t wait to see how Spike shakes things up in the Spring!!