Something to Watch: Coming 2 America

December 23, 2020

What’s your favorite line from the original Coming to America?
When it came out in the 1980’s it was so good, it became an instant classic. Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy. The comedy was phenomenal and the characters were familiar.
For some reason, I keep telling people it’s one of my favorite Christmas flicks. I guess I remember it that way from the snowy visuals of New York.

I believe “Coming To America” will forever be fun to watch, even when you know every scene, because of the settings and cinematography. It’s a feel good movie.
The 32 year long-awaited sequel “Coming 2 America” is finally going to be released on Amazon Prime March 5, 2021. Many of the memories return along with notable characters.
For a while, I’ve worried that the sequel took too long and couldn’t live up to the presence of the original film. Watching this official trailer changed all that!