Snap Chat’s Bob Marley Filter is being Accused of Blackface


One of the things that makes Snap chat a fan favorite are the fun filters included within the ap.  This feature charts your face digitally, and just with a simple sliding of the finger you can manipulate your appearance with various special effects.  (New filters are added weekly).  Welp, in celebration of 4/20 SC issued a Bob Marley filter.   Aside from his music, Bob Marley is well known for his “herbal” usage, which coincides well with the “holiday”; or so they thought. The filter adorns dreadlocks, a dread cap, and some melanin.  Any person, white or black, will appear to have a colored skin tone. Now, many snap chatters are accusing SC of blackface.  During the 19th century white actors would paint their faces black in representation of the black man. The acting was drenched in racial stereotype and the black man was often depicted as the fool.  I’m sure SC did not intend to offend their users, but in this era, where racial injustice is being highlighted more than ever, one can attest to the ill-timing of the Bob Marley feature.

What do you think? Are people being too sensitive?




Racqui B.