SMDH….Three Suny Albany Students Indicted For Lying About Racial Attack

Three SUNY Students accused of falsely reporting an incident
Three SUNY Students accused of falsely reporting an incident

The three women who claimed they were attacked by white folks because they are black are now facing charges for assault and false report of a hate crime.

Ariel Agudio, Asha Burwell and Alexis Briggs all 20 years of age are each facing charges for hitting a 19 year old woman, two 19 year old men, an 18 year old woman, and a 20 year old woman on the CDTA bus and falsely reporting the incident. 

The three women claimed 10-12 white men and women were attacking them because they were black.

Now wayment….. So you mean to tell me the three women got on the bus and started hitting people, then called 911 , then said they were getting jumped by white people and demanded someone to do something because they were calling them n**ger… BUT in fact they were the culprits and it was all an elaborate lie???

Ummmm… Didn’t ya’ll realize there were cameras on that bus?? And why are three 20 year old college women randomly punching people?? I just can’t… smdh.

Needless to say two of the women have been expelled from college and the third woman suspended for two years and they are all facing criminal charges.

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