“Situationships” Among Top Dating Trends Of 2022

November 30, 2022

According dating app Tinder one of the top trend of 2022 is “Situationships” are a valid relationship status now. A situationship is when you’re not quite dating someone, but you’re not just sleeping with them either. In an in-app survey among Tinder users aged 18-24 in the UK, U.S., and Australia done last month, 1 in 10 respondents said they prefer situationships as “a way to develop a relationship with less pressure.” The app saw a 49 percent jump in members adding “situationship” to their profiles from January to October this year.

Tinder users seem to be growing aware of the dangers of dating: Red flag and “gaslighting” emojis were trending, hinting at increase awareness of toxic relationships. In fact, 58 percent of surveyed daters said they were confident they could identify a green or red flag when dating. For the full breakdown of 2022 trends on Tinder, check out the Year in Swipe.

Source: Mashable

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