Shantell Martin Leaks Indifferent Email From Microsoft Regarding Black Lives Matter

June 10, 2020

Recently, Microsoft hired an artist named Shantell Martin to paint a mural in the name of Black Lives Matter at their 5th Ave location in New York City.
During that time, Martin received an email that revealed giant corporation’s disregard to the message of the cause.

McCann Erickson, Microsoft’s ad agency, asked her if she could make a June 7 deadline “while the protests are still relevant.”

Martin tweeted her response with an attachment of the email, saying:

“Apparently, the folks at @microsoft and McCann Erickson feel that the #blacklivesmatter Movement and protests will not be relevant after this weekend.”

Microsoft tweeted their apology thorough their Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela, saying:

“Shantell, on behalf of Microsoft, I want to first apologize for the insensitive language used in our letter. There is no excuse. We recognize it was wrong and I am sorry. I respect you may not want to discuss this further, but if you are open to it, I’d like to connect directly.”

Harris Diamond, also piggybacked on the apology saying:
“Ms. Martin, I too want to apologize. As Chris Capossela said, this was a mistake. On Behalf of McCann I am truly sorry. It was flat out wrong.”

As of today, there is no new information on how the companies have decided to handle the misdeed.

Shantell Martin

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