Shame On Some Parents Behavior While Kids Are On Zoom Learning

September 20, 2020

Teachers: what’s the craziest thing you’ve witnessed a parent do during remote learning?

During a school board meeting in Florida last week, one teacher expressed her disappointment about some parents.

The teacher said during the meeting addressed to parents, “Make sure you have on the proper clothing when walking behind your child’s computer”.
As students across the country participate in  remote learning, teachers say they’ve seen everything! From parents walking around in their drawers to smoking marijuana to also hear them us profanity during their child’s remote learning class.
Other teachers experienced similar behavior from some parents. One teacher said she saw a father drinking beer at 11:45 in the morning trying to help his child fix their computer.
Teachers said most of the parents are respectful while their child is learning online but fear that a lot of these children are being exposed to certain behaviors at a early age.

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