Senator Schumer Calls to Deploy Military Medical Personnel at Local Hospitals

January 24, 2022

Our beloved city is being hit with the omicron variant from two sides, an influx of patients and a shortage of staff. Some time ago, we received some help from the federal government as they sent military help to some hospitals across the county, and now the University of Rochester Medical Center is asking for some relief.

Yesterday, Senator Chuck Schumer was at Strong Memorial Hospital and asked federal agencies for military medical teams and disaster medical assistance to relieve staff at local hospitals. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee we will receive help.

Senator Schumer stated: “How do you battle the latest COVID surge and get front line workers the help they need? I say bring in the troops…Even a week from now if it’s not needed, it will save a lot of lives in the coming weeks if we can get them.”

Source: 13 Wham

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