Sandra Bland Act Signed Into Law In Texas

The Sandra Bland Act will be effective September 1st 2017.  

Texas Governor Gregg Abbot signed the act into law this past Thursday on Texas. The law will now make it mandatory for independent law-enforcement agencies to investigate jail deaths. The law will also mandate officers to go through a de-esclation training to ensure better handling of police interactions with individuals in all situations especially traffic stops.

The other part of the Sandra Bland act focuses on mental health. If a person is suffers from mental illness or addiction the will be channeled to treatment so it’s easier for them to bail out and get the help they need.

Some feel this version for the bill is a watered down from the original proposal included additional proof when pulling people over and searching the vehicle as well as the arrests over offenses that can be avoided by paying a fine.


Sandra Bland was taken to jail after a routine traffic stop in Waller County, Texas back in 2015 but a few days later ended up taking her own life in jail.

The Bland family is disappointed because the bill doesn’t focus on the reasons Sandra died and is more like a mental health bill.

Lawmakers insist it is start and Democratic Rep. Granet Coleman of Houston said “The Sandra Bland Act will prevent traffic stops from escalating by ensuring that all law-enforcement officers receive de-escalation training for all situations as part of their basic training and continuing education.”

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