July 26, 2019

Written by Atu

Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, has announced he is stepping down from office after 12 days of historic protests.

According to our WDKX Correspondent in Puerto Rico @karprzz, it all began from a leaked derogatory group chat where Rosselló was involved in slander of the Puerto Rican people. Information throughout the leak reportedly proved corruption within his Administration. All 11 involved are now under investigation. 

Moments before midnight on Wednesday, July 24th during the protests, the governor released a Facebook Live video that silenced the crowd in the streets of San Juan. He went on to state that by Friday, August 2nd he would be resigning and everyone outside the governor’s mansion began a celebration! Dancing, fireworks, singing and cries filled with joy because the people finally felt they had been heard. 

Many Puerto Rican national recording artists like Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin were in support of the protests as well. This was considered to be a massive victory!🌟

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