Rochester Strip Club Owners Facing Misappropriation Lawsuit

April 15, 2019

Three different models are suing the owner of Dominique’s Show Girls, an adult bar on Lyell avenue, and four others are suing the owner of The Klassy Cat Tavern, an adult bar in Henrietta, NY. The club owners allegedly stole the models’ photos and used them to promote their respective businesses.

According to the lawsuit filed last Thursday in state Supreme Court in Rochester, the owners altered photos of the models in revealing clothing to make it appear as if the women worked for and/or endorsed the establishment.

The complaints stated, “This misappropriation occurred without any of the plaintiffs’ knowledge, consent or authorization (and) at no point did any plaintiff ever receive any remuneration for defendants’ improper and illegal use of their images.”

All the models stated that they had never heard of these establishments until they were made aware of their photos being used to promote them.

The court papers explained, “Plaintiffs’ careers in the modeling industry place a high degree of value on their good will and reputation. Plaintiffs are necessarily selective concerning the companies, and brands, for which they model.”

Misappropriation of photos of well known models has been an ongoing issue within the adult entertainment industry with lawsuits such as these becoming commonplace.

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