Rochester Institute of Technology Gets Grant To Track Gun Violence In Rochester

There was an article I thought was interesting and wanted to share about the shootings in the Rochester, NY area by 13WHAM.

The Rochester Institute of Technology and the Rochester Police Department has been tracking all of the shootings for the past five years in the City of Rochester.

RIT acquired a grant for $194,000 from the New York State Health Foundations to track and study shootings and emergency room interventions. 

Now if you are the type to think that we are not being watched or studied you’re wrong, especially here in Rochester which is known for being a research city.

Maybe I have said too much, but you need to know that by contributing to the gun violence you offer yourself up not only as a statistic but also a test subject.

Did you know that most of the shootings in the Rochester area are from revenge or retaliation? And did you know that younger people who have been shot often return to the emergency room after another incident?

If that doesn’t bother you then the fact that one out of those five victims will end up dead due to gun violence within five years.

RIT along with trauma surgeons, and RPD say through this tracking and emergency room intervention they can prevent 60% of the shootings in the City of Rochester.