Rochester City School District Faces Attendance Challenges With Online Learning

October 15, 2020

The school year for Rochester City School District started three weeks ago and is one of the few districts that has gone 100% remote learning for its K-12 programs.

Some students and parents have had difficulty figuring out the new format and it’s beginning to affect attendance rates.

Deasure Matthew, Wilson Foundation Academy K-8 Principal commented, saying:

“My parents of my younger children — kindergarten to at least fifth grade — the parents are pretty much in charge of the technology and there’s some learning curve there.”

Due to these challenges, the attendance rate has been just above 80%, but is steadily climbing.

School No. 33, Principal John Gonzales says that attendance has been getting better but they are still focusing on working with families to understand the needs of the students.

“Navigating and troubleshooting those tech issues to the more engaging lessons that our teachers provide on a daily basis, making connections with those students that are culturally responsive, and getting them excited to come into class and learning,” Gonzales said.