Rochester charities partner to help those in need

May 5, 2020

Future generations will look back on how different communities handled the COVID-19 pandemic, and residents of Rochester, NY are determined to go down in history as a community that cared for its residents.

Charities and non-profit organizations across Rochester are struggling due to volunteering shortages and canceled fundraising events. As a result, charities and food banks do not have the supplies or resources they need to provide adequate care in the Rochester area.

In response to this issue, United Way and the Rochester Area Community Foundation have partnered together to activate a Community Crisis Fund.

The fund will help deploy resources to charities and help residents of Rochester deal with the economic consequences of the pandemic. The first phase of funding will be given to low-income and vulnerable residents and the second phase will be dedicated to preparing the area for future community emergencies.

Both United Way and the Rochester Area Community Foundation are asking people to donate what they can to the Community Crisis Fund. Anyone who lives in the US can donate to the fund by texting CRISISFUND to 41444 or heading to the Community Crisis Fund website. The website contains information about how to apply for a grant from the fund also.


Sources: Democrat & Chronicle and United Way