Rochester at the bottom of the list for job growth, report says

Rochester is at the bottom of the list for job growth.

According to,  Rochester ranked 117th in large metro areas with the most room for job growth in 2017.
Sure we placed last on the list, but at least we placed!! Some may see this as complete failure but I see it as an opportunity for growth!
Suuure we seem to be hitting roc bottom (lol) but that means there’s only one way to go from here and that’s up!!
Orlando, FL placed first but much of their economic growth comes from their booming tourism industry. Also the recent expansion of the Orlando airport allowed for more construction jobs which bumped their job growth numbers much higher than the average.
Among other higher ranking large cities,  industries that helped to increase job growth included  business services, tourism, leisure, and  hospitality.
Nashville was a high ranking city because of the aforementioned industries and Nashville (to me) does not sound like a city people would flock to, ya know.. yet they are. So if Nashville can find their niche, Rochester has to find its niche!
Sounds like we really need to bring in some leisurely attractions. Maybe a dope shopping center downtown, push the Lilac festival more, get that art district poppin’!  I vote for a Top Golf and a TopShop!  We have to get the vibes right here so people will actually want to come to Rochester and stay here!
As of right now, according to this study, Rochester and Norfolk are the only two large cities on that whole list that are actually experiencing job loss. Yikes! We’ve got to get it together!
What are some things you think Rochester needs to attract new people to our city?