ROC Positive! 12 Year Old Zaire Downs Organized Youth March

July 11, 2016

Zaire (left), brother Zayden (right)

Zaire (left), brother Zayden (right)

Youth leader, community activist, student, athlete, son, and an exceptional individual that would describe 12 year old Zaire Downs! 

Zaire organized a youth march #CanILive to City Hall Sunday which left you with goosebumps understanding that these fine young men and women will be our future leaders. The march ended with everyone organized on the steps of City Hall with voices heard, fist raised, pride, and empowered. #priceless


Our youth, our future is looking brighter than ever! I can’t wait to have this young man as guest on the Watercooler this Friday to speak with him on issues and solutions concerning our youth & community.

#ROCPositive #CanILive


– Reign