Reign’s Movie Review: When The Bough Breaks

September 12, 2016

Jon Cassar, Jaz Sinclair, Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall, Theo Rossi

Sooooo….. Where do I start??.. Ahhh yes Morris “Sexual Chocolate” Chestnut #MCM #thatisall (he was the highlight of the entire movie). When The Bough Breaks all stars Regina Hall, Theo Rossi, and Jaz Sinclair.  

My first thought a few moments before the movie ended specifically when Mr. Chocolate aka Morris Chestnut put the baby in the car seat AFTER he he got his ass whooped.. I should went to see The Disappointment Room I could of waited to see this on Netflix smdh……. 


Jaz Sinclair who plays the absolutely out of her mind, certified crazy Anna Walsh the surrogate mom for John Taylor and Laura Taylor who have been trying to have a baby after three miscarriages. They are on their last embryo which Anna Walsh is selected by Laura to carry for her.

Typical story line Anna falls in love with John – Anna goes psycho – Anna isn’t who she says she is – Anna keeps the baby – Laura kills psycho chic and gets her baby back.

I give this move screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-7-47-53-am


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