Reign’s Weekly Curated Music Playlist

January 29, 2019

For many of us music really is life no matter what mood we are in we can find something to vibe out with that will get us through celebrations, break ups, workouts, and an overwhelming day.

So I decided to create a weekly music playlist that will consist of eleven songs that will give you about 30-35 minutes of music that matches my mood for the week. 

Yup, you get a small glimpse into the paradoxical sacred space better known as Reign’s world through weekly music playlist’s curated by me, not as a DJ but as a human experiencing life.

Whatever I’m going through you will feel via the music annnnd I’m  a Virgo so grab your surfboard because you’re definitely going to catch plenty of waves!

Week 1

Playlist are available on iTunes and Spotify.

Click image to go to full playlist.



Artwork by: K.B. Kapowski
Instagram: @ishlvl

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