RCSD Superintendent Open Forum

May 6, 2019

Written by: DJ Sight

This past weekend I had the chance to attend the RCSD Superintendent Open Forum held at Dr. Freddie Thomas High School. I attended the Saturday afternoon session and was able to see the two candidates, Dr. Sito Narcisse and Dr. Eric Thomas.

None of the four candidates up for the job are from the Rochester area and last week there was a big uproar on social media about this issue. I’m not sure how much influence the parents, teachers, and staff have when it comes to the school board picking the one candidate who will serve the students of the Rochester City School District.

I must say, with all the attention this forum got on social media and all the phone calls and text messages WDKX received about the four candidates being chosen, I was very disappointed in the low attendance turnout. I’m not sure how many people were at the open forum teacher session, but for the parent session there were only 15 people in attendance, including myself.

Hopefully the school board has decided on the right person to fill the RCSD Superintendent position.

Here is some information received from candidate Dr. Eric Thomas: