RCSD offering free wifi to students

July 13, 2021

The Rochester City School District is now offering free mobile hotspots to students. The new addition is meant to increase student’s internet access outside of school while also giving them the opportunity to explore the internet at home.

RCSD discovered the need for internet access after undergoing virtual learning.

Latonia Bliss, an incoming high school senior stated:

“Certain kids in different homes, they don’t have access to wifi and internet when they have to do work. Plus me, sometimes the wifi messes up and I need other ways to do it.”

RCSD plans to distribute 3,500 mobile hotspots throughout the district.

Glen Vanderwater, the chief technology officer for the RCSD, stated:

“Accessibility varies. It can even vary from month to month but the goal is to ensure that our students, 100% of our students have the opportunity to have constant, reliable internet every day.”

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