Rapper Joey Bada$$ Being Sued For $1.5 Million By Donald Trump Impersonator

There should be a disclaimer for folks who dress up as our current President Donald Trump like “Trump at your own risk.” Phillip Wilburn, a known Trump impersonator out in L.A. learned that the hard way. 

Back in September Wilburn decided he would climb up on stage while rapper Joey Bada$$ was performing at an MTV Event and Mr. Bad$$ shoved him off the stage.

Wilburn claims he had $1K in medical expenses and he may need surgery to repair the damage from his fall totaling $50k after loss wages and the price of the surgery.

Uhhh.. This guy should of done some research before he went Trumping especially when it comes to Joey Bada$$ who has made it clear he is NOT a fan of Trump.

Here is the video. Personally, I don’t think he was hurt but hey stranger things have happened.

**Parental Advisory Explicit Language**

Source: TMZ