Rapper Fetty Wap Robbed And Involved In Shootout

According to reports “Trap Queen” rapper Fetty Wap was robbed of his chain and involved in a shooting Sunday night in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. 

The person who was arrested earlier today in connection with the shooting is Fetty Wap’s longtime rival Raheem Thomas aka “Fuzz”.

TMZ reports the beef between Wap and Fuzz could be over bad music deals over the years in their hometown of Paterson, NJ.

Oh and the reason Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas was arrested is because he posted a photo of himself wearing the chain on Instagram. #PlumFool

Photo Credit: TMZ
Photo Credit: TMZ
Raheem "Fuzz" Thomas
Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas

The shootout that began inside a deli in NJ and spilled out into the street injured 3 people. Fetty Wap was not injured and police are currently investigating the crime.