Rags To Riches JAY Z – Rapper, Businessman, Icon, And Now Billionaire

June 3, 2019

JAY Z is billionaire black excellence and we are here for it!!

The rap icon not only has a seat at the table but he owns the block, the building and all of the other seats at the table.  An article in Forbes magazine states JAY Z has touched billionaire status making him one of the few entertainers and the very first hip-hop artist to do so.

JAY Z’s empire includes of course, music with Tidal, Roc Nation and his own music catalog. His $1 billion fortune also includes real estate, liquor, art, and some ownership in Uber (didn’t know that one). 

The funny thing is JAY has been telling us he has the blueprint for almost two decades now and he wasn’t lying.

Congratulations JAY Z and thank you for leading by example and always being excellence.

Please read this article it’s actually pretty good and you might just learn a thing or about a thing or two.

Click to read full article Forbes.com


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