Pusha T Releases Diss Track

Today Pusha T released the most insane diss track I’ve heard in a while. The cover photo of the track is Drake in blackface, still trying to figure out where that picture was from.. Pusha annihilated this track. You know the whole OVO (lyric factory) camp is going crazy right now. Could this be the beginning of a classic Hip Hop beef?

Can’t wait to hear what you think, comment below!

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  1. Not a die hard Drake fan but let’s be honest…. Beyonce was in blackface and Will I Am was in blackface and NOBODY went nuts. What’s the real reason going after Drake! Media attention? Hype? In today’s Amerikkka, not wise. Some say it’s just entertainment. I say so was Biggie & Tupac beef. In conclusion, this is a slippery slope for Push and Drake because we don’t need to be distracted while real racism and coons (KANYE and LIL Wayne) runs free.

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