August 17, 2019

This years 50th Annual Puerto Rican Festival was definitely one for the books!!!! -as always!! This parade was such a positive and fun event for everyone!! It went well rain or shine and the environment was filled with culture from Liberty Pole all the way to down Frontier Field. It definitely felt like a little Puerto Rico today in Downtown. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out today, don’t worry.. our fellow photographer Rosalie at WDKX has got your back with some candid photos down below!! We wanted to make sure you got in on all the fun, so we didn’t forget to capture it all just for YOU!! And for all of you who made it out to the parade today.. SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!!! BORIQUAAAAAAAAA, WEPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PA QUE TU LO SEPAAAA!!!!????

P.S . Be proud to be who you are and embrace your culture no matter which one you are apart of!

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