Preventing Maintenance Problems In Your Home/Apartment During Stay Home

March 26, 2020

As we continue to practice social distancing because of COVID-19 here are some tips to keep your home in tip top shape. If you are feeling sick you may not be able to have any repairs done right away.

For toilets, you do NOT want to flush excessive toilet paper, paper towels, or CLOROX WIPES. Cotton balls or cotton swaps, any wipes even the flushable ones (too many will cause blockage). Make sure you have a plunger in case you need to clear a minor clog. If your toilet is overflowing you can turn the knob leading from the toilet to the wall to the right to stop the water.

If you have a garbage disposal you can prevent clogs by NOT putting certain items in the disposal. Any bones or eggshells, banana peels, onion skins, or potato peels. Coffee grounds, any grease or oils, fruit or vegetable pits. Non-food items are always a no no!

Always run cold water while you run your disposal. Do NOT stick your hand or any body part in the disposal. If the garbage disposal stops and does not make any noise try hitting the reset button underneath the sink on the disposal unit.

Some general maintenance tips.

Do not overfill your refrigerator or freezer. A common reason the appliance will not cool properly is it being too full.

Tubs and sinks that won’t drain most likely will have a clog from hair or soap build up. The build up can be easily removed by hooked tool like a wire hanger. To prevent a build up use a drain strainer.

In the event of a maintenance emergency you should have any numbers you need in your phone or in an easily accessible place.

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