Preparing for Schools to Open Full Time

April 19, 2021

Today, many school districts across New York will head back to school full-time. This is the first time since the March of 2020, the beginning of the pandemic. This decision follows after the state issued updated guidance earlier this month, where the state eases social distancing requirements from six feet apart to three feet. Many schools found this guideline to be doable.

Private schools have been back in person for a while, but for public schools, this will be a bit of a change. A quote from Kimmy Baylon from Hilton; “I’m still nervous. Cases are still out there, the coronavirus is still most definitely out there. But, it’s a relief yes that she goes back. It’s a little torn but excited and still a lot to figure out and accommodate.”

There are still some school districts, such as Webster, who will not be returning to full-time in-class sessions due to the rising coronavirus cases.

Source: 13 Wham

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