Police Officers Play Songs From Disney Movies To Get Body Cam Video Deleted Online

April 22, 2022

This news story out of California is just WOW… Some would say it’s genius some would say it’s not okay but however you feel it’s creative I will give them that. Also, it seems like a lot of people are out here scheming in some form.

Officers with the Santa Ana Police Department found a way to keep their body camera footage from being posted online. Officers were responding to a call of a stolen car in a residential area. While they were investigating they were blasting the two songs “You Have a Friend In Me” and “Bruno”. The songs are from Disney Movies Encanto and Toy Story.

The reason the officers were playing the music is keep the body cam footage from being posted online. The videos will be taken down from YouTube for copyright infringement.

To read more about this story click CNN.com


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