People Are Buying Clothes And Accessories Online For Instagram Then Returning

Just when you thought you heard it all!

People photoshopping their kids and babies to look better for Instagram and now a new study shows people are buying clothes online to take pictures for Instagram and then returning them.

Now I know you’re thinking these damn millennials!! Nope can’t blame this on on them it’s actually Gen X…. SMH

According to the article from The Independent men and women aged 35-44 buy clothes online to take photos just for Instagram  and then return them after.

What in the world??… Why??

Anyway’s the article also said that men spent more money on fashion than women. So who are the real divas??

Men also shop online and return more than women because they are “socially self-conscious” and they would be embarrassed if one of their homeboys caught them in the same outfit twice.

Frontliners let’s talk about this on the Wake Up Club Wednesday morning.

Have you ever bought clothes or an accessory to take a picture for the Gram and then return it?