Peaceful Protesters Gather At City Hall Yesterday Morning

September 16, 2020

Protesters demonstrating against the murder of Daniel Prude by the Rochester Police Department met this morning at City Hall around 8:30am.

According to City officials, the employees decided to close early around 11am because the peaceful demonstration blocked the entrance of City Hall and made it difficult for anyone to enter.

Free the People ROC led the demonstration and said their demands include:

  • The firing, prosecution and conviction of all seven officers involved; Mark
    Vaughn, Troy Taladay, Francisco Santiago, Andrew Specksgoor, Josiah Harris,
    Sgt. Michael Magri, Paul Ricotta.
  • Drop criminal charges against all protesters arrested or charged since May 30th.
    The resignation of Mayor Lovely Warren, Deputy Mayor James Smith, District
    Attorney Sandra Doorley.
  • The removal of Mark Simmons as appointed Interim Chief of Police.
    Pass Daniel’s Law prohibiting police from responding to mental health calls. The
    state must ensure that trained mental health providers respond to those who are
    having a mental health crisis.
  • Immediately end and prohibit the use of chemical weapons by RPD.
    Cut RPDs budget and reallocate resources into community-led services for true
    public safety, education and ending poverty and root causes of violence.
  • End the City of Rochester’s contract with the Locust Club.

Free the People ROC organizer Stanley Martin added:

“We need to take action in light of Lovely Warren ignoring the demands of Daniel Prude’s family and activists in the community.”


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