Passengers Try To Embarrass Rapper Young Joc

January 13, 2020

Reality star, radio personalitiy, and rapper Young Joc was heckled by 2 passengers after he was driving for a ride share app called (Pull Up And Go) in the downtown Atlanta area.

In the video, you can see Joc is the driver of the Nissan & wearing a hoodie over his head. You can hear one of the passengers say I know you from somewhere while she’s recording live on Instagram from the back seat of the car.
The second passenger comes straight out and asks, “Are you Young Joc?” After he confirms it’s him that’s when the disrespect and insults began. Young Joc shrugged it off like a professional.
This is kind of like when Geffory Owens who played Alvin on the  Cosby show was being shamed for bagging groceries at a supermarket a few years back.
I could fully relate to this topic! Being one of the hosts on the morning show on WDKX while working a part time at a downtown parking garage & also working full time helping people with developmental disabilities. People would ask the same question, “Why you working here?” The asshole in me wants to say, “Bitch, because I got bills to pay just like you,” but the professional in me wants to keep my job.
Moral of the story as long as you’re making legal money to provide for yourself and family there should be no shame in that.
For the women in Young Joc’s car… how are you trying to embarrass him and you don’t even drive?

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