Parents Arrested After Children Found Chained

(DAIQUON)– In Perris, California, a 17 year old girl escaped her captors, her parents.

She escaped from her house where she and her other 12 siblings were held hostage in filthy conditions. Police officers first believed all of them were children because of how they looked.

The girl who was so small and bony, the officers thought she was only 10 years old!
SMH, are you kidding me ? I wonder how long they been going through this….
nintchdbpict0003784254161They found several children locked up to their beds with chains and padlocks in the dark.
The children from the ages of 2 to 24 “appeared to be malnourished ( lack of nutrition) and very dirty.”
The world we are living in today is very unpredictable … you just never know what your going to get .. smh,
 The real question is… how do my wdkx viewers feel about this? I know ya’ll  got something to say about this one!!