One Kiss from a Tinder Date Lands TikToker in Hospital

May 14, 2020

Girl swipes right. Guy invites girl over to Netflix and Chill. Guy kisses girl, sending her into Guy and Girl spend the rest of the night in an Australian hospital making TikTok videos.

And this is why I’m glad I’m married. Single people are still hooking up with strangers during a health crisis and global shutdown? Wow. And here I am staying social distant from my mom on Mother’s Day.

I guess nothing stops young love (or lust).

Samara and Charlie met on Tinder.  He didn’t know she was allergic to peanut butter, so he ate a PB&J while she Ubered over for their first date.

After a brief make-out session, her mouth started tingling and suddenly he found himself stabbing her in the thigh with an EpiPen.

An ambulance took them both to the hospital and he stayed with her until the break of dawn. To pass the time during her recovery from anaphylactic shock, they made TikTok videos! (Because that’s what kids now-a-days do.)


@samarahnaienHow was your Saturday night ##fyp ##tinderchallenge ##foryoupage♬ Moon – Kid Francescoli

Needless to say their relationship went from 0 to 100 real quick.

The post went viral and BuzzFeed ended up doing a story on them. Read it here.


@charlieharris___If this blows up I’ll actually take her on a date ##fyp ##foryou♬ The Damn Guy – Grima | Azza

Although Charlie’s pre-date snack almost killed her, Samara says there will be a second date.

And they both lived happily ever after.