Old Bay Seasoning Is Now Being Sold In Bottle Form

January 31, 2020

Everyone knows you can’t eat seafood without old Bay seasoning.  Now you can drench a piece of fried fish with Old Bay Seasoning Limited Edition Hot Sauce. Unfortunately, they are sold out but are restocking.

Now for me personally, when it comes to hot sauce, I’m a Frank’s red hot type of guy.
I am curious though to see what the Old Bay Seasoning Hot Sauce tastes like. McCormick spices say you can use the hot sauce on foods like soups & stews or in drinks like bloody Marys, yikes.
The Old Bay hot is now available online and will be available in stores by next month. 10oz bottle suggested retail price is expecting to be $3.49 per bottle.
What do you think, Old Bay seasoning hot will give Frank’s red hot a challenge?

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