Not Normal

October 13, 2021

After the discussion Tariq and I had this morning, I decided to start this blog called ‘Not Normal’ so thanks for the title Tariq!

Now I don’t know yet how often I will post so for now look for the ‘Not Normal’ blog once a month. The reason for this blog is after our discussion I realized maybe I could help someone see the situation they are in is not normal when they think it is the way things are “normal”.

So without further ado, I give you ‘Not Normal’

You are waiting at work to be picked up with YOUR car. A little over an hour passes from the time you got off. You are tired it was a long day, it’s cold out and you forgot your favorite jean jacket you wear to work only. You are calling his phone and texting him but he is not responding and leaving you on read.
No communication from him about being late the whole day. The last time he texted you was 2 hours before you got off your shift.
Your boyfriend pulls up in your car music blasting and was smoking again in your truck. You have asked him countless times to stop smoking weed in your truck. So now you instantly are pissed.
You get in the car ‘hey babe’. Looking at him with a blank stare while you lean against the door of the car bracing for the delivery of his excuse. ‘What took you so long?’ you ask calmly.
No reply. He turns the music up.
‘Yo WTF?? I asked you why are you so late picking me up again?? as you turn down the music.
He still says nothing
‘Okay, so now you don’t have anything to say right?’
‘Say anything for what? Clearly you got an attitude for no reason. I told you I had shit to do. You do this shit to me all the time like I need your car. I wasn’t even that late come on yo.’
‘Are you serious right now you are over an….’ He cuts you off yelling, ‘Now you want to argue like I’m sick of this shit. I won’t ever take your car again it’s always a problem. So what if I’m late I told you I had shit to do.… like I’m not going through this with your dumb ass every time I use your car.’
‘You always acting crazy like wtf I don’t need this shit’
At this point, you feel hurt, angry, pissed like you want to cry and then you end up apologizing or not saying anything else to dead the argument.
No explanation, no apology, no accountability on his part, and no acknowledgment of how you feel is NOT NORMAL.
If someone is treating you this way you need to know YOU deserve better! This is NOT normal behavior on his part. YOU do not have to deal with this from anyone. What is normal is understanding how you feel, listening and acknowledging your feelings and then accepting responsibility for his actions.
Remember YOU are priceless and you can have and do better because YOU are more than this!
See your worth and stay beautiful Queen!!