Nope Not Aliens Yet Just Elon Musk’s Space X

May 8, 2021

So apparently people on the West Coast thought they were seeing UFA’s Wednesday. Earlier this week people took to social media freaking out after seeing lights in the sky that were moving together. What looked like a string of lights floating and moving in the sky was just Elon Musk playing with his toys.

Some even thought aliens were lining up to invade earth and were terrified. After multiple posts and tweets on social media of folks looking for answers, they found out it was Space X.

Earlier in the day, they launched Falcon 9 which was carrying more satellites. The satellites were still in low orbit and because of this, they were all close together. Scientists call it a Starlink train. There are now over 1000 of these Space X satellites in space.

Yep, just Elon Musk tinkering with his spaceships.