No Stimulus Payment Yet? Look Out For Prepaid Debit Card

May 20, 2020

Still haven’t received your stimulus check yet? You’re not alone around 4 million Americans are in the same boat. Now, you may not get a check at all! Instead, the IRS is now mailing out prepaid debit cards. EIP, or Economic Impact Payment cards will be sent out, over direct deposit or a check. The treasury department said the card can be used in a network of ATM’s where you can transfer funds to a personal account. You can also make purchases at stores that take Visa. To avoid any confusion this time instructions will be sent out with the debit card. The IRS also announced earlier this week. They’re bringing in over 3000 workers to answer payment questions. We’ll talk to our Money Coach Dr. Cheryl McKeiver about this and other financial questions. Thursday morning at 9am with The Wake-Up Club only on 1039 WDKX.